Key Points Covered

  • Recognise what Autism is
  • Understand what ASD is
  • Identify characteristics of someone that has autism
  • Identify how to care for someone with autism


  • Understand how to enable those with autism

Autism Awareness

Do you wish to teach children with autism? Has caring for children with this condition inspired you to take on a job role in special education? There are adults with autism, maybe you want to help make their lives better. The course in Autism Awareness is ideal for anyone looking to work with children or adults with autism and raise awareness of this condition. It is also ideal for individuals wishing to work in child and adult care, or health and social care. The course contains a wealth of information and will set you up in the right direction as you progress further in your career, in a very rewarding job role. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of what autism is, the implications of people with an autistic nature, the prevalence and causes of the condition and how people with the right guidance and support can pursue their potential and lead full lives.

The aim of this course is to greater increase your understanding of autism, it’s characteristics, and your awareness of relevant legislation.