Coronavirus Awareness & Infection Control

Key Points Covered

  • Describe what is meant by infection control
  • Identify relevant government legislation
  • Recognise the causes and effects of coronavirus, including symptoms and management
  • Know how to self-isolate
  • Understand how you can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus


  • Understand the chain of infection and how people are infected
  • Describe the types of germs and infection
  • Understand the need for infection control and HCAI management
  • Understand how to wash your hands to WHO standard

Coronavirus Awareness & Infection Control 

Our interactive & engaging Infection Prevention & Control short course is an effective way of minimising the risks of infection within your workplace, including the spread of viruses. It also covers specific content on COVID-19.

The course begins by teaching the different pathogens that cause infection. It then outlines how infections occur, the factors that can make a person more vulnerable to infection and the steps you can take to prevent infections from occurring. Learn how your own health and hygiene could pose a risk to people that you care and support for and understand the procedures that should be followed to reduce risks when dealing with hazardous spills, waste and linen.

The course is ideal for those who are working within the health and social care sector. It covers an awareness of COVID-19 and focuses on the prevention and management of infection control relating to the virus.

Course Registration

Once the course has been purchased you will receive confirmation with your login details via email. This will be within 2 hours of purchase between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.